F. Bullett & Company is a family owned, independent ferrous and non-ferrous foundry. Specialising in low to medium volume, good quality, price competitive, sound and reliable castings, along with additional in house services as outlined below:

Greensand and Oil Bonded Sand casting
Greensand is a natural, clay bonded sand used regularly in the foundry, giving excellent casting results. The sand is reused each time following casting which is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Fine oil bonded sands are used as a facing sand where very fine detail is required.

CO2 and Resin sand casting
These chemically bonded sands are used in the production of more complicated or larger castings and also for the production of cores (coremaking) for the internal shape of the casting. These sands are usually used in larger production runs where labour times can be minimised and yet production increased.

Gravity Die Casting
Die casting can be used for regular large quantities of castings. A permanent Cast Iron mould is produced for this process instead of the pattern equipment used for the sand casting method. When set up and ready, molten metal is poured into the die. Once solidified, the die is split and the casting taken out. Whilst the Die is expensive compared to conventional pattern equipment, die castings generally enjoy a better surface finish, tighter dimensional tolerances and ultimately a cheaper unit cost.

With our own in house pattern shop we can provide competitively priced tooling for our customers. Traditional pattern making skills are employed along with more modern techniques and materials, thus catering for all customer design requirements. We also produce tooling for the vacuum forming, packaging and plastics industries.

A Comprehensive medium sized machine shop incorporating CNC turning, CNC milling, welding and general fabrication, from prototype to production runs. Castings, billet, or free issue material.

Our in house polishing shop with permanent back stand and mobile polishing equipment can prepare and finish any metal work from satin / grain through to bright polish. Various types of castings, restoration work,  artwork and free issue metalwork are regularly undertaken by our craftsmen. Materials polished include: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze, Copper, Brass and Aluminium.

Art Metal Workers
Alongside our regular engineering work, bespoke plaques, awards, cast furniture, gates, railings, house and garden projects are catered for, supplying a wide range of businesses  and industries.

Heat Treatment
A process used to improve the mechanical and physical properties of a casting. Whilst not always required, a casting can be heated and cooled in a controlled environment, thus enhancing its strength, hardness, and electrical conductivity.

Regularly used casting alloys and specifications
  • Aluminium Alloys BS1490, LM4, LM5, LM6, LM25, LM27
  • Brass Alloys BS 1400, SCB1, SCB2, SCB3, HTB1, HTB2, HTB3, DCB1, DCB2, DCB3 
  • Bronze Alloys BS1400, PB1, PB2, LPB1, G1, G2, LG2, LG3, LG4, AB1, AB2
  • Zinc and Lead Alloys - various
  • Cast Iron BS EN 1561, GR 220, GR250, GR300
  • SG Iron BS EN 1563 all Grades

Casting production
  • Sand casting in greensand and resin bonded sand Aluminium casting to max. wt. 200kg
  • Bronze and Brass alloys casting to max. wt. 100kg
  • Cast iron and SG iron to max. wt. 450kg
  • Die casting Aluminium to max. wt. 5kg